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     Slate roofing tile has some huge upsides, mostly due to the fact that it's a natural stone product, giving it a unique, beautiful appearance, and the longevity that slate is famous for. Here's a list of the most popular reasons homeowners choose to install slate roofing tiles on their home.

  • Appearance— First and foremost, homeowners are drawn to slate because of its beauty. There simply isn't a roofing material on the market that has a classier, more celebrated appearance. Furthermore, slate roofing tiles offer more choices than most homeowners realize, available in varying sizes and thicknesses, as well as a wide range of colors, including gray, green, purple, black, red, and mottled tiles that sport several colors mixed together.
  • Longevity— Joseph Jenkins of Traditional Roofing Magazine writes that slate roofs "can and should be routinely built to last at least a century. In fact, 150 years is a reasonable expectation of a roof's longevity if the roof is properly constructed." That's a big plus in an industry where many roofing systems are lucky to last 20 or 30 years before needing replacement.
  • Fire Resistance— Slate roofing is one of the most fire resistant roofs that exist.  Unlike many other roofing materials, slate tiles themselves are completely fire proof. That's a big advantage when it comes to preventing fires caused by air borne sparks from fireworks, wildfires, or from adjacent house fires.
  • Environmentally Friendly— According to statistics, roofing waste accounts for more than 5 percent of the total waste sent to landfills across the nation every year. Since the majority of that roofing waste can be attributed to asphalt shingle roofing that needs replacement every 20 to 30 years, it's easy to see the positive environmental impacts of installing a roof that is going to last 100 years or more.

     The objective to having a successful slate roof is making sure you hire people who know how to work with slate.  With over 20 plus years in the business of slate work we are more than happy to take on your slate project.  If you have a slate roof that needs a little work...please don't hesitate drop us a message on the Contact Us page in the navigational menu above.  We will be more than happy to take a look at your project.

Don't Let Our Name Fool You!!!
     Yes!  Of course we are proud of who we are, but don't let our name fool you.  Not only do we work on Chimneys and slate roofing, we also do other roofing like asphalt shingles and rubber roofing.  And we can perform other masonry tasks as well.  We would be more than happy to quote any of these projects for you.  Visit the Contact Us page and give us a little information regarding your project.  We would be happy to hear from you. 

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